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In Torn Denims and Kitten Heels

Well, I did say a few entries back that I would love it if people suggested things for me to blog about, and someone took me up on that! So I present to you the sister-blog to the rather popular “Knight in Shining Armani” post from August 19th.

I am warning you now, this blog will be longer than normal. This is for two reasons:
1) I’m a tomboy who was asked to tell girls how to dress. This can’t end well.
2) Girls are easier to talk about in relation to clothing, so I may find my fingers getting away from me and typing for way too long about a certain accessory or whatever, because even though point one is very accurate, I am actually still a girl, and in one way or another, clothes do interest me.

So, onwards, explorers!

Now, when I wrote Knight In Shining Armani I have to say I had the time of my life. I’m a total tomboy (not a state secret) and would live happily off clothes from Hallensteins, Tarocash and Ermenegildo Zegna (I would actually give my right arm to work at this place my God) but alas, I am actually a woman and as my mother enjoys reminding me, I “have to dress like one”. With this entry, just as with its brother-blog, this is my opinion and you do not by any means have to agree with it. Also, just because I am a girl and writing about my own gender in this entry does NOT MEAN that I am partial to the stuff that is considered “faaaaashionable” nowadays. Far from it, even.

I was on the phone to a very good friend of mine today and I asked him: “In your opinion, what should girls NOT WEAR nowadays?” He goes to uni and is currently bogged down with assignments (as opposed to me; I think I’m growing roots into my bed) but he has excellent taste. And he told me (among other things), and I quote, “tights should never be worn without a skirt present”. I’m inclined to agree. Now think about this, ladies, if a worldly 24-year-old male university student thinks that wearing skimpy shirts over leggings is nasty then maybe it’s time to change, no?? The following is a list of things that I, myself, would happily wear, and what I consider to be “good looking clothing” on a girl.

Since Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Matt Bomer were kind enough to lend me their incredible bodies and fashion sense for use on the brother-blog, I am going to utilize the help of two of the most (in my opinion) beautiful women in the film industry today to illustrate my point.

1) Jeans. Jeans are an amazing thing that can be worn with everything and anything, and can easily translate from day wear to night glamor with a simple change of accessories. In my opinion there is very little that can come near the sheer classiness of wearing a good pair of jeans with a blouse.

HOWEVER not everyone is lucky enough to have Ellen Page’s figure. You have to be able to choose denim that works with your body type. Now, I’m a hourglass figure and can wear pretty much any style of jeans except for skinny jeans. I personally prefer flares or straight cuts. If you have a fuller figure, like America Ferrera, you can pull this same style off flawlessly by simply lengthening the blouse and putting on a pair of heels.

2) Smart-casual. I am a teeshirt fiend. I love printed teeshirts and can spend hours in Factory digging through the bargain bins and collecting XXS Guys shirts (and I have) that I later pair with my favourite jeans, Chuck Taylors and a jacket. If you’re going somewhere more fancy then just change the jacket for a blazer and replace the dirty Chucks with a comfortable pair of heels or boots.

3) Skirts. Ok this is where I start to fidget and ask if I can leave the room to do something more masculine. Skirts, like jeans, have to be worn WELL to look good. If you have a fuller figure, please, do yourselves and EVERYONE ELSE a favor and DON’T WEAR MINIS. Dear God the amount of times you see people not dress for their shape is astounding… Anyway, if you’re more America than Ellen, try high-waisted pencil skirts that go to your knees at least.

But if that’s too formal for you then there’s nothing stopping you wearing a shorter skirt… just… know your limits!

4) Jackets. Leather jackets are my vice (I have four). I think they are the coollest thing ever. And you can pair them with ANYTHING. And there are so many styles… Guh… I could gush about them for hours on end, but a picture says the equivalent to a typical blog entry, so I’ll let that speak for me.

5) Leggings. Yes, we have reached the dreaded leggings point. Contrary to what I said at the beginning, I don’t actually have anything AGAINST leggings as such, just that like everything they have to be worn well. I don’t have thin legs. I can’t wear just leggings and a teeshirt and look hot. If I ever flat I might terrify my flatmates by toddling around the house in nothing but a vintage Levis tee and my Batman undies, but I have enough braincells to never look as ridiculous outside. If you, like me, have a fuller figure, then you can still wear leggings… just wear them with something that covers your butt. As demonstrated:

Also, I have found that if you wear something like that it’s best to wear boots of heels with the outfit. Speaking of heels…

6) Those that are spoken of. I’m not a huge fan of heels for the simple reason that I can’t actually walk in them all that well. But heels do wonders for your posture and make any outfit look more sophisticated. Recently I acquired a pair of 12cm heels which I can actually walk in. Of course, upon “breaking them in” I pulled a muscle in my foot so badly that I hobbled around the house for hours, but that’s beside the point. When I wear those heels, my whole body stretches, my shoulders straighten, my stomach pulls up, and I find I get double takes from most guys I pass on the street, which somewhat unnerves me. I have no pictures of heels up because I actually don’t like looking at feet all that much… but anything that you are comfortable with that has a heel is great.

7) Onwards from that, boots. Boots range from Doc Martens to over-the-knee riding boots (yes, I own both and pretty much all styles in between) and should always be worn with something short. I say that because… personally I find it looks nicer. I have a denim mini which I very rarely wear, but when I do I pair it with cowboy boots and feel less exposed than I would if I wore, say, flats. That being said, tucking jeans into boots is coming back into fashion! Personally I find this incredibly difficult to pull off without wearing skinnies, so I don’t do this often, but it works just as well with a good pair of straight-cuts. If you choose to try this style then I do suggest you wear a longish shirt over the jeans, but that’s just me!

Holy crap I sound like Girlfriend magazine… Which is somewhat ironic since I am sitting cross-legged on my bed in an XXS Men’s teeshirt, aged flare jeans, with mismatching socks. Also this entry went more in the style of “wear this this way” rather than “I like this coz it’s awesome” which… I would change if I were bothered to, but I think you can tell from my epic ramblings what I like and what I don’t. As said at the start, you don’t in any way have to agree with me, it’s just my opinion. Anyhoo, my girly fashion advice hat is off, I hope this is what you asked for, Silentdizo, and I can proceed with “other news”.


The Very Literal Contest is still in full swing, and will be in full swing till October 31st. So if you’re a vidder, or would like to try your hand at it, then go for it!!

I have signed up to be part of the hitRECord crew and I’m slowly adding my work up and exploring the site (I joined yesterday morning at around 3am) and will hopefully take part in many collabs pretty soon. It’s a wonderful site started and hosted by none other than Joseph Gordon-Levitt, and I really encourage you to join if you would like your artwork/writing/music made into a hitRECord project someday.

That be all for now methinks… White Collar is on hiatus till FREAKING JANUARY buuuut Supernatural’s due in 9/10 days, yuuuuss!!

Movie: Repo Men
Show: Leverage
Music: It’s a tie this week: The Left Side – The Music; Illuminated – Hurts (both thanks to Anna)
Book: Beetle in the Anthill – The Strugatsky Brothers

A Knight In Shining Armani

Check out the more in depth version for more ramblings and general good looking men.

Ok, I don’t think I’m alone here, but I like guys who know how to dress. For me, the “perfect guy” would know how to dress well, walk well, and smell good. By the last one I don’t just mean actually acquaint himself with soap, he has to be able to wear a scent that works with who he is. And those are just the physical things that I like about guys… I won’t even get into the details that I look for personality wise et cetera (because it would continue ad infinitum and slowly proceed into the ad nauseam sector which is dangerous territory)

I know that I, personally, have a rather high standard when it comes to choosing a mate, probably because like many people my age I have a tendency to imagine them all looking like a favourite actor, and acting like a mix of favourite characters. I get so involved with films and books and shows that I tend to imagine that every guy I like must (absolutely must) be as clever and funny and classy as the characters that I love. I know that, I acknowledge it (hi, my name is Val and I am a junkie for smart sexy fictional men…) and I have lowered my standards to fit with real life. But lately I’ve found that I also have to lower my standards for appearance too.

Don’t get me wrong, I am in no way a superficial person. I would never disregard someone by the way they looked. But I find it so hard to find a guy that dresses well lately that I find myself turning into a puddle of happy noises at the sight of a well-cut suit on a well-shaped body. Seriously. And I don’t even have a thing for businessmen… just their dress sense. And the way they carry themselves, holy damn. Plus, ties. I think ties are my weakness (along with suspenders, Chuck Taylors, Doc Martens, torn denim and aged leather) and they are such versatile things when you’re not wearing them *wiggles eyebrows*

I don’t get fashion, I really don’t, (haute couture makes no sense to me and more often than not makes me laugh rather than go “my, my, that’s an impressive ensemble”) but some things just look good and that’s undeniable. These things, in my opinion, are:

1) A well cut suit. It has to fit perfectly in all the right places. I love dark suits with a bright tie or pocket square and a light shirt. Alternatively, a light suit with a dark shirt and similarly-coloured tie. Cuff links and tie clips optional, albeit smiled upon. A vest is very much appreciated, and pinstripes are a winning combo always.

2) The ability to wear above-mentioned suit in a casual way; ie. sleeves rolled up mid-arm, tie slightly undone and top two buttons popped. Holy damn.

3) Fitted denim, boots, solid-coloured shirt (preferably classic colours like black and white and the primaries), worn leather jacket and wrap-around sunnies.

4) Scarves. Scarves are the accessory of the century for me… they can be worn in so many ways with so many things and there are so many styles of them that you just can’t actually go wrong here. Unless you try really REALLY hard.

5) High-collared woolen winter coats.

6) Collared shirts. These never get old, people, never. Especially when worn with skinny ties.

7) Layering. Leather jacket over vest, over half-buttoned check shirt, over bright/patterened teeshirt. Yuuum.

8) The ability to mix modern with classic: dress-denim under a suit jacket, teeshirt under a suit jacket, mixed patterns etc.

9) Vests. I love me my vests. Button-down, knitted, patterned, form-fitting…

Now, why did I get into this? Ah yes… The lack of well-dressed men my age around the city. The way people dress lately is terrible (in my opinion). Especially the guys. Most walk around as though they just rolled out of bed and walked out of the house. And one thing I truly madly deeply HATE about New Zealand’s proximity to the beach is that people get the idea that they can walk around in shorts and jandals EVERYWHERE and that it is somehow appealing. Newsflash for guys who do this: it’s not. Obviously there are tons of things to consider here: body shape, financial circumstances, age; but at the same time people should attempt to look good whatever their circumstances, right?

Am I just talking to myself here in my own happy little world of three-piece suits filled with characters like Neal and Arthur?

I mean, I have learned (the hard way, sometimes) that there are things that I cannot wear and look good in, no matter how hard I try or how much I want to. One of these things is skinny jeans. And no matter how envious I am and how much I whine at people who look so damn good in them, I know that I look like crap when I wear them, and I look absolutely hilarious when I try to get myself out of them (if, on a whim in a store, I miraculously get myself into them to start with, which is one mean feat). And I have resigned myself to that, and wear other things that I look good in. Why can’t other people do the same?? Why?

I’m not even asking for guys in suits (yea, ok, I am, but not at uni) just for guys to wear full jeans instead of cutoffs (in freaking WINTER), more-fitted-less-slept-in shirts, collared shirts layered over teeshirts, boots instead of jandals… something presentable that will turn a girl’s head and make her notice, not turn a girl’s head and make her think “I hope he never passes his genes on to the next generation”. Our generation is bad enough fashion-wise as it is, we shouldn’t make it worse for the next one.

*phew* OK, rant over. I feel so much better you have no idea.

Hokay… so… new stuff…

—> I changed my header!! Guess who my new coverboy is! He’s appeared in this post already ^^
—> The Very Literal Contest is still in full swing, and will be in full swing till October 31st. So if you’re a vidder, or would like to try your hand at it, then go for it!!
—> Life is slowly working its way down the dip in the sine curve again but somehow I’m happier than I have been for a while.

That’s pretty much the whole kit and kaboodle till next Cas day. 36/37 days till Supernatural!

Mood: Silly.
Movie: About to watch “The Wind That Shakes The Barley”
Show: Friends, season 4
Music: Young Heretics album “We Are The Lost Loves” (still) although a specific song that I like lately would be “Where Do We Draw The Line” by Poets of the Fall
Book: Beetle in the Anthill – The Strugatsky Brothers


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